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A Bloody Harvest

In the early spring of 2021, to the North of Danube River, a meteorite hit.

Rifts, earthquakes and tidal waves were caused by the impact, reaching beyond Vanor to the West and Aeonia to the South. Severe casualties and destruction were caused everywhere.

On top of that, the fallen rock brought an unknown poison that penetrated the soil and made it completely inhospitable to all and any domesticated plants.

With perished crops and no prospect of growing new ones, the known world faced terrible famine.

One small region, however, remained clean from the poison – the Belitsa land, territory of the Noldor Elves.

Both rumors and Intelligence services soon confirmed that a nearby rift had unearthed a strange substance that could temporarily counter the effects of the poison.

A desperate search for the Substance began everywhere else, but soon fell short. It was apparent that the elves were the only ones with access to the lifesaving element and even if they wanted to share it, the deposit would only feed a handful of nations.

It was then that a Sevenhillean expeditionary force surprisingly advanced into Noldor territory.

The nimble elven guerillas bloodied the Kingdom’s nose and slowed the invasion enough for two opposing fronts to form.

Task Force Griffin

Allies, supporting the invasion with the intent of establishing a joint mining operation thus saving their people from the imminent mass starvation.


The Fellowship

A coalition valiantly defending Noldor’s sovereignty with the hope of receiving the Substance’s life-preserving gift in return.

In the midst of the war druids around the world sensed a terrible disturbance and went to the cities with grim warnings.

Something evil had seen the opportunity and come to sow mayhem and madness.

Their warnings of course fell on deaf ears.