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After the warning about the awaiting secrets has been issued, let’s plunge into some details surrounding the “Cold War” gameplay dynamics.

After the Winter War against the Tenebrans and with the absence of a strong common enemy, at “Lines We Draw” we will set the future spheres of influence within the new political landscape

The nations of the Fog LARP universe are marked by profound disparities in political systems, religious beliefs, magical practices, and doctrines of war and peace. As players, you are now encouraged to seize this chance, delve deeper into the crazy diversity of faction backgrounds and use the game to promote your agendas as characters and/or groups.

The game’s design will allow you to engage in questlines that draw inspiration from:

  • the exhilarating realms of espionage, 
  • the machinations of astute saboteurs, 
  • proxy warfare,
  • the art of diplomacy and international politics
  • broadly speaking, the spectrum of conflict that ranges from cold and simmering tensions to outright fiery confrontations

After all, a war by any other name is still a war.
Yet, do not neglect the art of diplomacy and ready your finest attire, for most will wish to uphold the facade of decorum.

Rally your people and strategize for the prosperity and wealth of your nation – for it now stands paramount above all else.