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Accommodations for The Fog LARP: Lines We Draw are available in the form of common camping grounds with access to commodities in Chernatitsa hut and beds in the hut itself. Read more below.

Option 1: Camping

Camping is the main option and choice of accommodation for most The Fog LARP players.

To camp, participants need to bring their own camping equipment (tent, sleeping mat and sleeping bag) but of course have access to Chernatitsa hut’s common grounds, a toilet, a shower, running water and the canteen.

Camping is possible both in the off-game zone near the hut and in-game in one of the three Ingame Camps.
See the map below to see the layout of the zones.

Players who wish to camp in the off-game zone will be directed to it by The Fog LARP staff upon arrival. The off-game zone is for the players to rest – it is not allowed to have parties and/or speak loudly there.

Players who wish to camp in-game are required to have tents with an immersive fantasy-medieval exterior. They also need to be aware that they are required to be in-game at all times and their sleep may be interrupted by in-game activities.

Option 2: Chernatitsa hut

Accommodations for the duration of The Fog LARP 2024: Lines We Draw are available in Chernatitsa hut for game ticket owners only.
There are double, triple, quadruple and quintuple rooms.

The service includes: bed, clean sheets, power outlet.
There is a shared bathroom and WC for each 3-5 rooms.
Rooms cannot be locked, therefore personal valuables and IDs need to be stored in cars.

Price: BGN 22 per night per bed.

After filling the reservation form we will process your request and you will receive a confirmation email in 3-5 working days.
Your reservation is not complete until you receive the confirmation email.