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Ambush by Milen Ivanov

It has been a year since the Tenebrian Empire expanded its power! The group “Geona” was disbanded, at least that’s what was assumed. Despite the bans, the group continued its activities – traveling, artistic performances and trade. Because of their free spirit, they didn’t submit to the new tyrannical government. Thus, they became a thorn in the eyes of the Tenebrians and had to hide in the shadows in the deep woods, far from populated areas with Tenebrian patrols.

 Fortunately for them, the former Sevenhillean soldier Balian Thoraldson, known as Einnulf, and his comrade Darius, an earth mage, knew many such places in the wilderness and prepared a safe haven in one of them, loaded with provisions. This shelter was to be used both as a hunting camp and as a hiding place in times of crisis. In this camp, the Geona members could make their plans hidden from the eyes of the Tenebrians. Thanks to Darius, the camp and the way to it were hidden with dense vegetation created by magic. Sooner or later the supplies will be depleted, hunting and foraging won’t be enough to supplement the needs. The raids over Tenebrian convoys will bring good results.

It’s morning! Somewhere in the deep forest in Einnulf’s camp, the inhabitants are preparing for the coming day! The number of inhabitants of the camp is increasing! In addition to the performers from the Geona Circus and the Hawk Squad (a ranger group of which Einnulf and Darius are members), the camp also shelters other fugitives from the Tenebrian regime. With the increasing number of residents came the need to feed many people and arm new volunteers.

Einnulf was just beginning his morning training when a scout suddenly appeared beside him. The scout gathered information about a Tenebrian convoy passing nearby, a convoy carrying provisions, weapons, and military salaries, and gave it to him. The convoy is guarded by eight heavily armed marching soldiers with shields and two archers positioned on the wagon, one of them wearing a black mask and a coachman. It seems to be a standard convoy! The wearer of the black mask may be their leader and the magic against him is ineffective. They were all covered in black, even the two horses, the carriage and the whip of the coachman were black.

 This is an opportunity to increase the storage contents of the camp. Einnulf quickly assembled some best men and women capable of using weapons and organized an attack team. The purpose was an ambush! The team included Einnulf, Darius and Yantra,armed with bows as primary weapons, Vorwen and Straid, proficient in assassination and sneaking , armed with one-handed swords and daggers .There were also 11 other participants in this team – 9 archers with green cloaks and 2 sneaking units  armed with close combat weapons.

 Near the convoy’s path there was a hill with dense vegetation-a good place for such activity. The group headed in that direction, made an obstacle of logs, branches and stones on the way to slow the approaching enemies and took positions uphill for an ambush. 

Einnulf and his team were waiting on their positions! Along with Darius, Yantra and three other archers, he took the central position for attack. The other two teams of three members each were positioned on the left and right sides. Vorwen, Straid, and two of their sneaking teammates hid according to their scheme. The Tenebrian convoy reached the obstacle and stopped. At this moment, several arrows flew in their direction. One of the Tenebrian archers fell to the ground, the other one with the black mask dodged an arrow and hid behind the waggon. One heavily armed guard also fell, the second was shot in the leg, the remaining six guards managed to form a shield wall in front of the waggon. The coachman disappeared in an unknown direction. The masked bowman released an arrow and hit one of the green-cloacked men, but he was quickly hit by Einnulf’s arrow. 

At some moment he shooting stopped because it would be a pointless waste of arrows. But after that, the attackers continued by throwing various objects – stones, logs, sticks, and anything else that could be found on the ground. Some two guardsmen decided to make a frontal assault and went directly into the bushes, but this was a mistake and they paid the price for it. The remaining four ones were distracted and Vorwen’s sneaking group took advantage of this and cut their throats.

After the skirmish was over, all team members were called in for assembly. According to the report that was made, only one man was injured during the fight. Fortunately, this injury was not fatal. The man was shot in the bow hand by the archer with black mask and after that reacted just in time when this happened. He placed an improvised tourniquet of leather straps over the wound. The arrow was pulled out and the wound was healed by Darius with regeneration magic.

Of the Tenebrian side, only the coachman survived. He was captured while trying to escape. All the Tenebrian fighters were dead. It was obviously that the one who was shot in the leg died of blood loss.

The raid was successful. The horses, the waggon and its contents – food, money and weapons became property to Geona group!

Sooner or later the Tenebrians will notice their missing convoy and thus the next convoys will be better guarded!