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Anti-Tenebran Operations


The omni-present Operators will also be in the viscinity of the Belitsa Commemoration and limited covert operations will need to be conducted in order to ensure the smooth running of the Leader Election. See how below.

Players may encounter Tenebrans on two major occasions.

Firstly, the Governor and their entourage will regularly visit the grounds, supervising the preservation of order, conducting passport checks, and even inspecting camps.

Secondly, there will be regular limited tactical PvE action during the dark part of the day in the form of quests. Information about these quests will be communicated through the faction Portal Shrines. It is important to note that success in these quests will involve a certain amount of risk and luck, as multiple potential quest locations will be suggested, but only one will be the actual one.

Regarding meta skills, it should be noted that Governors and other high-ranking officials in-game have protective fields that are practically impenetrable by both cold weapons and magic.

Lower-ranked Tenebrans, including Black Masks, usually do not have such protection. The general combat rules apply to them, but on some occasions, they might have a few more armor points than their visible armor would suggest. It is important to trust the NPCs and avoid creating scenes. As for magic, Tenebrans may or may not be protected against magic effects and/or possess an abnormal number of Mirrors.

It is to be remembered that the real intent of this resistance meeting is to secretly prepare a rebellion under a false pretext of attending a commemoration. Meaningless random attacks on Tenebran authorities or other teenage rebellion acts would compromise the entire Resistance. Another thing to also have in mind is that your characters have been living with this for a while now; they are used to keep a low profice and show a certain level of pretended obedience to avoid punishment.