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The Book of Magic provides basic in-game knowledge about magic in The Fog LARP.

It will allow you to develop the game world in a consistent way, summarizes the general knowledge about the Mage Academy as a faction and covers all the rules for participating in the game as a mage. It also contains a complete list of the spells in The Fog LARP.

Use the community channels or simply contact us if any additional questions may arise.

The 2022 revision of the Book was made possible with the help of Theano Xirouchaki, Berna Okumus, Dima Panova, Dimitar Georgiev, Viktor Kachovski, Simona Dyankova, Andrei Olaru, David Moscovici, Petar Lozev, Marius Petcu, Alexander Dobrev, Ivana Yaneva, John Tzevelekos, Mariana Bogdanova, Alexandros Alexiou, Steliyan Ivanov, Veronica Pancheva, Snezha Dzhidrova, Nikola Lee Sekulic, Constantine Chotov.