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The upcoming sessions of the Joint Security Council (JSC) present an excellent opportunity for those who relish in the art of negotiation and debate. These sessions promise a concentrated show-like experience, distinctly set apart from the typical protracted leadersā€™ meetings.

Participants will engage in structured one-hour sessions, adhering to a pre-defined agenda with decisions reached through voting. To ensure orderly proceedings, a GM will preside over the meetings as a GPC for their duration.

Observers are permitted and welcome at the sessions to allow for an engaging public parlor instead of a closed meeting of monarchs.
Regardless of this any disruptions will be promptly addressed as it befits the event being played out.

The immediate cause for convening the Council is to deliberate on an appropriate response to a communique from the Tenebrian Emperor himself. 

Additionally, players will address several pre-formulated significant issues.

Furthermore, the Council is empowered to adjudicate ad hoc on current disputes between nations. All rulings are determined by vote, fostering an environment conducive to strategic alliances and negotiations beyond the meeting times – for instance, whether to pass a resolution condemning nation X for an affront to nation Y. Resolutions may appear symbolic but can carry unforeseen implications.

Detailed schedules of the sessions, their agendas, and the JSC statutes will be provided to each 6+ players faction leader in their starter kits.

Factions comprising 6+ players will be asked prior to the game to designate one Permanent Representative and one alternate. 

This stipulation does not preclude others from attending the sessions; non-attendance of official representatives can be employed as a political strategy since each country is entitled to a single vote. 

Only Permanent Representatives, their deputies, or heads of state are eligible to cast votes, with decisions resolved by a simple majority.