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Below is the epilogue of The Fog LARP’s 2022 installment – In Two Minds.

These events are based on the player decisions made during the game’s main questlines and will from now on be a part of The Fog’s canon.

For detailed information on the states’ standing in the success rate ranking list visit the Economic Game subpage.
To see the changes on the political map visit the World Map subpage.

The aftermath of the meteorite cataclysm has finally come to an end. At a dire price – 10% of the world population is now gone.
Killed by those, who, with their influence, turned the scales in favor of the Ender solution.

Ender indeed.

It was a contested battle though. Until the last moment most of the important and influential people wanted to end the allergy once and for all, no matter the cost.
There were a few who passionately spoke against that and in favor of hope, but to no avail. A smashing victory for the Ender solution was imminent. Until one person decided their voice mattered. They managed to change the public opinion in their entire state, almost reversing the outcome. Almost.

On a brighter side, no population would face hunger in the coming months. All states managed to fill their substance reserves. Some managed to not only take care of their own population, but also provide support for others, thus spreading their influence on new territories.

Especially brightly shone the star of the Dark Guard. Much to the surprise of the entire international community, the diligence and political skill of the Dark Guard in combination with some luck, sky rocketed their development to the top of the state ranking list – against such imposing forces as the Knyazdom of East Wind’s complete dedication and the Heralds of Chaos’ subtle resourcefulness.

Hard times really do create strong people.

The Alchemist guild conclusively became an internationally recognized research body – an area so far totally dominated by the Mage Academy. Not only had they a leading role in finding the cure against the allergy symptoms, no. Much more importantly, the Alchemist Guild created and inspired a real community of minds united towards one noble goal.

Not only people, but the world itself began a process of healing. The thinned borders between the plains were reinforced due to the Druids’, Hexers’ and their brave aids’ efforts to keep the portals from opening wide, and, in the end, finally close them. The land of Belitsa can now be left alone – by invaders of every kind. However, the spirits remain restless elsewhere.

Rumor also has it, that another miracle happened there – something until recently considered unthinkable. Broken mage sparks were restored. With the continuing reappearance of long lost Seventh Path technology, it looks like this conflict is on a verge of a new blast.

With all the new political, economic and supernatural confrontation, symbolically the wargames of Belitsa ended in a tie – an outcome not possible by design but commanded by the fate using the most powerful weapon in its arsenal – human incompetence.

Who could say what awaits us next?