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The war in Belitsa has ended.

The one land that remained pure is now trampled by boots of conquerors.

As a last shred of decency Task Force Griffin powers officially took commitment to fully withdraw after having exploited the resource for one year. They will honor that agreement and Belitsa will belong to the Noldor elves again.

The lands of the Kingdom of the Seven Hills, Knyazdom of East Wind, Bdin Empire, Sea Wolves and Vanor will recover faster than others, due to the expeditionary force’s success to not only acquire the amount of substance necessary, but even a little surplus.

Unlike some of their own allies.

In great manifestation of solidarity in the hardest of times the Fellowship leaders decided for a fair distribution of the available – though insufficient – substance between them – showing once more what their alliance was about. Even in the prospect of each of their own people suffering, they showed what the meaning of fellowship truly was.

And there were also those who didn’t care about their lands and people and only pursued their own comfort.

Common folk don’t get to choose where they live.

The Druid circle in Belitsa was destroyed. Evil comes in many forms, always reflecting our worst.

One evil was contained that day, at a price.

Most probably, Substance will find its way to all who need it… at a price.

Commerce is a powerful thing… Greed most certainly is.

But can the cleaning substance also clean consciousness?