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What is The Fog LARP?

The Fog is an annual fantasy live action roleplaying game, based in Bulgaria. For additional information check out our Game and What Is LARP? sections.

Where does The Fog LARP happen?

The upcoming installment of the game will happen at Chernatitsa Hut, not far from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Check out our Location section.

When does The Fog LARP happen?

The Fog LARP runs during the second week of July. See the FB event and follow our web and FB pages for up-to-date information.

How much does The Fog LARP cost and what’s included?

Check out our Tickets and Sign-up section for up-to-date information on pricing.
The basic ticket includes entry and full access to all of the game’s features. It does not include a costume, accommodations, food and transport.
See more information about accommodations in the questions below.

How do I start?

To join The Fog LARP you need to have a ticket, a basic costume and be well acquainted with the rules. Check out our How Do I Start? section for detailed instructions.

What are the age-restrictions for participating in The Fog LARP?

Anyone above the age of 18 can participate in the game.

16-year-olds can participate only after submitting a declaration from their parents at the check-in.
The document should state:
-Who is appointed as the minor’s guardian.
-That the minor is attending the event with the explicit approval of his/her parents.

If you wish to participate in The Fog LARP and bring small children with you, please contact the organizers first.
The Fog is not child-friendly per se, but exceptions can be made.

Can I participate in The Fog LARP with my LARP group from another setting?

Yes, you can. The Fog is group-oriented, but individual-friendly. This means that LARP groups will experience the game exactly as it is intended by the organizers.
Contact us and tell us more about your group so we can better implement it in the game’s lore.

Can I participate in The Fog LARP as a solo player?

Yes, you can. The Fog is group-oriented, but individual-friendly. This means that although there is a lot of group-related content, individual players are always considered in the game’s design.

Can I join an existing Fog LARP group?

You can, but it is not a decision made by the organizers. You can get in contact with like-minded people in the FB event.

Can I participate in The Fog LARP as an NPC or GPC?

Yes, you can but there are a lot of restrictions and buying an NPC ticket is possible only if you agree to our terms. Contact us beforehand with what you have in mind to see how we can make it work.

Does The Fog LARP have an in-game camping area?

Yes, The Fog is a 24-hour, 4-day-long LARP. In-game camping is the best way to experience it.

Does The Fog LARP have an out-of-game camping area?

Yes, The Fog has Offzones available for whoever wishes to camp in conventional out-of-game tents.

Does The Fog LARP offer any accommodations?

Yes, for an additional fee, you can sleep out-of-game in a hut with beds, running water and showers on the edge of the play area.
Please note that the places are limited and it is highly advisable to reserve your bed as early as possible.

Will I have access to showers?

Yes, showers are available for all participants in the hut. Please keep in mind that lots of people want to shower and lines sometimes form in some parts of the day. Be patient.

What will I eat?

Most people bring and prepare their own food in the designated offgame areas.
Others prefer cooking and eating in their ingame camps.
Cooked food can also be bought in one of the offzones. We are not big on variety, but the prices are kept reasonable and the location is very convenient.

How much will food cost me?

A normal meal, cooked with market-bought ingredients, will cost you between 3 and 5 EURO.
A normal cooked meal, bought in the offzone will cost you between 4 and 7 EURO.
The Fog LARP team does not guarantee for these numbers – they are just a reference!

What will I drink?

Running water is available for all participants.
Moderate alcohol consumption is not forbidden, but is considered inadvisable.
You can drink 361 days a year, use the remaining 4 to fully enjoy The Fog LARP!

Is the Fog LARP only about fighting?

No. The Fog LARP is an immersive fantasy experience with lots of politics, individual relations, drama, mystery and much more.It does often build its narrative on war-related themes and a main combat-oriented questline is always present. Read more at the Game section.

Is LARP fighting dangerous?

Strictly speaking, it is not.
However, if you do have any reservations regarding your own safety or the safety of others, we kindly advise you to simply avoid fighting altogether.

What equipment is Fog-legal?

All and any costumes that fit the setting are Fog-legal, as long as they are not dangerous to other players.
All and any latex larp swords are Fog-legal, but are subjected to an obligatory weapons check during check-in.
For details, please refer to the relevant section of the rules.

Is The Fog Larp pet-friendly?

Yes and no. We love your pets as much as you do, but if you want to bring them along make sure they are trained and kept away from combat zones and/or locations with lots of action. A pet is a serious responsibility – even more so at a LARP game.

If what you need to know is not listed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

We are always ready to provide you with support and information regarding our event.

E-mail: team@thefog-larp.org
Mobile: +359 888 433 535
Facebook: facebook.com/thefoglarp/

Most of the Fog Team is based in Sofia, Bulgaria.
If you are in the area and want to meet us, just say the word!