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If you are an experienced LARP player, you might find this section a bit dull. You can read more about the features in our Game section.
If you are new – it is highly recommended you read on!

For everybody else, reading further will certainly be useful, but probably insufficient. Anyway, here is what you’ll need to take part in your first Fog LARP.


Most of the people reading this article will already have a basic understanding of what roleplaying games are, but we advise you to read our What is LARP? section anyway.

Keep in mind that not knowing what to do next, urges to break character and emotional exhaustion are common problems, even for the experienced role-players.
However, you are always expected to adhere to one simple rule – do not spoil the game for others.


We’ve tried to keep the rules minimalistic, but since The Fog LARP is a game, they do exist.

Same goes for the setting – we’ve created a simple but consistent plot frame all players are expected to adhere to. How you develop your character beyond it is entirely up to you.

Everything you need to know is divided into six short “books”. They can be found on at the top of the page, under the Rules and Setting menu.

The Player’s Handbook is the most important document of the six. Read through it carefully and make sure you understand it well. The other five chapters vary in relevance greatly, in accordance to your chosen playstyle.


Yeah, characters are kind of a big deal.
You can’t really play a role, without knowing what the role is, can you?

Here’s our advice for creating your first character:

  1. Don’t try to be someone you can’t physically be.
    Not all of us are buffed barbarians and acrobatic elves. A humbler approach to character creation pays off.
  2. Don’t try to be someone you can’t psychologically be.
    As cool as it seems, most of us are actually not fit to be evil masterminds. For your first Fog character, think of someone not entirely unlike the real you and add a cool twist.
  3. Keep it simple.
    Lessen the load of portraying your character by not thinking up hundreds of traits and facts that need remembering.
    Instead, create a basic frame and improvise on the go.


The Fog LARP is set in a medieval fantasy world. Your outer appearance should, of course, fit the setting and your character.

There are no strong restrictions on how you should and should not look, so reusing a costume from another medieval fantasy game is perfectly fine.

If you are new to LARP, there are two main ways of obtaining a costume – buying one and making it by yourself.

Buying a costume is usually a bit more expensive, but it will save you tons of time and effort. Check out online LARP shops and LARP buy/sell FB groups. There are great offers for starter kits, that will allow you to jump into the action with minimal costs.

Making a costume by yourself is not an easy task, but some consider it to be an integral part of LARP. Unless you are interested in crafting and/or do it anyway, we advise you to choose the first option.

The last consideration we’d like to highlight is that your costume should be VERY practical. This is not a convention and we are not cosplaying, so keep it practical.

The Fog LARP is 4-days long and involves lots of different activities.

Make sure everything you wear is comfortable, that you have a place to keep water, a bag to keep quest items, that you have spare socks, etc.

Comfort makes a huge difference and can greatly improve or spoil your experience.


Strictly speaking weapons are not a requirement for attending The Fog LARP. If you are an entirely non-combat character, skip this part.

Most of you, though, will partake in combat at least to some degree, therefore having a weapon is quite important. There are two ways of obtaining a Fog-legal LARP weapon – buying a foam weapon or making your own boffer weapon.

If you wish to buy a weapon, search for foam LARP weapons in online LARP shops or LARP buy/sell FB groups. All weapons go through an obligatory check, regardless of their origin, but store-bough weapons rarely have issues passing it.

Making your own boffer weapon is also an option, but we strongly suggest not going down this path unless you are a skilled arisan and enjoy the process.

If you really wish to make your own weapon make sure it:

  • has enough, but not excessive, padding
  • is not too heavy
  • has a strong, controllable core
  • has reasonable aesthetics.

If any of these requirements are not met, arbiters might decide to ban it from the game, leaving you without a weapon.


At some point you will want to buy a ticket, as you will not be permitted to play without it.  There are multiple options of varying prices, so there is a way for anyone to join in!

Sign-up begins around half a year before the event and registering early will save you a bit of money while helping us a lot with the preparations.

When you feel like getting your ticket, head over to the Tickets and Sign-up section. The instructions will lead you through the sign-up process and at its end you will be able to pay via debit or credit card.


Traveling to The Fog LARP is far from scary. Take a look at our Location section for detailed directions.

Getting here by car is still the easiest option, but other possibilities exist too.

During sign-up we will explicitly ask you whether you are a newcomer and in need of assistance. Contact us earlier if you’d like to know more right away.


If this is your first The Fog LARP game, one of two approaches are available to you.

1. Sign-up as a solo player. This way you will be able to experience a lot of the game and interact with anyone you wish, developing your opinions on who you’d like to join, if anyone.

2. Take a look at the wonderful pages of some of the clubs and see if they are looking for people:
The Kingdom of the Seven Hills / IG / FB – Bulgaria
The Knyazdom of East Wind / IG – Bulgaria
Clan Gargavran / IG – Bulgaria
The Guild of the Sand Blades / IG – Bulgaria
Green Banner / IG / FB – Serbia
The Order of the Suntouched / IG / FB – Greece
Tandrial Lions / IG / FB – Greece
Norsemen / IG – Greece
Sons of Mayhem / IG – Greece
Hjort / IG – Greece

If you want your faction to be added – don’t be afraid to contact us!


If you still have questions or wish to learn more see our FAQ section or simply contact us.

See you at The Fog LARP!