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Test Mechanic: Illumination Spells

After the successful test of choreography casting during The Fog 2023: Defiance, this year we will once again try out a new gameplay approach.

Under rare circumstances a blue light may be shined upon you. If this happens, your character is instantly killed and must proceed to the infirmary after laying on the ground for two minutes.

If such a light has been activated in your vicinity and you can clearly see it, you are probably close enough to be under its influence, so don’t try to outsmart the system – the light is there for a reason and you apparently triggered it.

This is a mechanic we aim to use solely during PVE quests and you will not see ordinary players using it.

Due to this please abstain from bringing blue-coloured light sources to this installment of the game or at the very least make sure they are not misinterpreted as an illumination spell.

We will remind you about all this at the game’s check-in.