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The upcoming installment of the game will be held at Chernatitsa hut. Located 1400m above sea level in the northern part of the beautiful Rhodope mountains, this amazing piece of nature will most certainly become a fan-favourite in no time.

The new terrain has the ability to adequately host the ever-growing Fog LARP player base. It also offers an entirely new and exciting area for exploration and adventure, which is unknown to both new and old players.

In addition, ease of access to showers and drinking water will improve due to the better local infrastructure.

And all this, without making logistics any harder.

Before continuing we’d like to remind you two things:

  1. This is a LARP game in the middle of the forest – it’s far from a luxurious experience and never will be.
  2. Contacting the hut directly will not benefit you in any way. Accomodations for the event are only available via The Fog LARP team.


Sometimes travelling to the middle of nowhere in a foreign country can be a bit intimidating and lead to all kinds of logistical nightmares.

In order to avoid this, we kindly ask all participants to carefully read and follow the instructions given by the team.

Getting there by car

Do not follow Google’s direct route to the Hut. It will lead you through an unpassable dirt road. Instead, follow the instructions bellow.

Reaching the location by car is the best and easiest solution.

  1. Reach Plovdiv.
  2. From Plovdiv head towards Byala Cherkva. We recommend using Google, but any GPS navigation should work.
  3. Follow the asphalted main road for 30 kilometers. You will pass the village of Galabovo and then Zdravets hut.
  4. After Zdravets hut, but before Byala Cherkva, you will see a sign on your right and a dirt road diverging from the main road to the left. Exact location of the detour can be seen here.
  5. Follow the dirt road for 2.5km and you will reach the hut.

The final stretch is passable by most cars, but if your ground clearance is low we recommend leaving your car at the designated spot right before the detour and walking the remaining distance.
Regular baggage runs will be made with a truck so you don’t have to carry you belongings.

Other options

The Fog LARP team might provide additional transport options when the needed arrangements have been made and sign-up begins.

Logistical support will be provided in the form of baggage transfers from the asphalt to the hut and back.

If you require additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us. We try to provide newcommers with as much help as possible for their first game.