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The Fog’s Winter Meme Competition was won by Kiril Karudov! Behold his work below.

See all the entries in The Fog LARP Community Group or just go chat with the folks.

Until next time!


Ok, guys, the name says most of it – it’s winter, we don’t LARP all that much, which leaves us with enough time to make memes.

Below are the details – read them carefully, submit your meme and one of you wacky shitposters will win a free ticket to The Fog 2022.

Happy memeing!


The rules are pretty straightforward – create a meme by using a picture from any installment of The Fog LARP and send it via personal message to The Fog LARP’s Facebook page. Entries will be accepted until 24:00 on 06.02.2022. Only one entry is permitted per person.

The memes will then be evaluated by our professional meme jury (see below) and published in The Fog LARP’s Community Group for public review.

The judges wil evaluate three aspects of each entry on a 1-10 scale:
1. Creativity – does it use the photo in a funny and clever way?
2. Originality – does it use a rare image and/or meme format.
3. Community relevance – does it have something to do with the hobby and the people who practice it?

A fourth special criteria will also be added towards the final result – the community choice grade. Each meme will receive a mark between 1 and 10 based on how much reactions it gets between 00:00 on 07.02.2022 and 24:00 on 13.02.2022. The least liked meme will get 0 points and the most liked meme will get 10 points.

Whoever has the best overall result, gets a free Fog LARP 2022 ticket for himself or a friend.
If two entries have exactly the same result, the winner will be determined by lottery.

It is not illegal to tell everybody which meme is yours but we discourage it, since it’ll be funnier if it’s anonymous.


Nikolay “Siegfried” Nikolov

  • A 4-year-old in the body of a.. well you know him.
  • Can be bought with food.
  • (sometimes) Funny.

Alexandros Alexiou

  • Has “prepared for this his entire life”.
  • Probably has schizophrenia.

Boris Georgiev “The Sunflower Guy”

  • Likeable.
  • Creator of a walking meme.
  • Can spit sunflower seeds up to 10 meters away.

The selection of the judges was made after a secret casting and careful consideration.

Bribing them is perfectly legal… but it won’t affect the outcome because of said careful consideration.

They barely know anything about the competition, though, so if you have question just PM The Fog LARP’s Facebook page.


  • Submission of memes – until 24:00 on 06.02.2022.
  • Judge-only evaluation – 07.02.2022
  • Public voting – between 00:00 on 08.02.2022 and 24:00 on 13.02.2022
  • Official results – between 14.02 and 20.02.