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This is a general overview of how ingame currency will work in this installment of the game.

These mechanics are directly connected to the Economic Game, so reading it is adviceable if you wish to have a deeper understanding of the gameplay.

For players who are not that interested, this page is absolutely sufficient.

There is new ingame money in The Fog LARP.

Old money and new money

1. Old money – all editions of tracing paper banknotes, are now obsolete and will NOT be exchanged for new ingame money. Former relative wealth of characters is not transferred to the new ingame economy.

What is the new money like?

2. The new money are metal coins with symbols of the Old Empire. The coins are gold and copper. There are no silver coins. 1 gold coin = 10 copper coins.

What do I need money for?

3. As an individual player, you don’t really need ingame money to participate in the game and access almost all of its content. Earning ingame money, however, will give you more content, because you will be doing quests and be interesting to faction leadership – whether you are a faction member or an independent character.

4. Factions need the money to meet their economy game quota and, eventually, territorial expansion. Individual PCs can give their money to a faction they like in exchange of what they agree upon, or use the money for some in-game goods and services, such as potions or brothel.

How do I get money?

5. Some characters will get a small amount of “starting” money. This will be determined at random and in connection to the alchemy questline.

6. Money is earned by doing quests. Every quest in the game has a money reward.

7. Have in mind that money is now really scarce. One gold is a lot of money. You should be happy to own a few copper coins.

Can I lose my money?

8. It is very easy to lose your money – you can be robed/mugged (dear of alive), or you can hide it somewhere and forget about is, or lose it for real.

Do I get to keep money I raised for the next game?

9. You are allowed to but it will do you not that much good. Individual players do not have much use for the money and negotiating to give it to factions will make the game more interesting for you.