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The information below is a summary of the most common organizational and logistical questions that will most certainly arise to all players attending the 2022 installment of the game.

Read it carefully and prepare for the game accordingly!

It will save both you and the organizer team a whole lot of trouble.

Thank you and see you soon.

1. Driving to the location

Do not follow Google’s direct route to the Hut. It will lead you through an unpassable dirt road. Instead, follow the instructions here.

2. Cars and parking

After unloading their possessions all players must drive their cars to the designated parking area. If you need to drivesomewhere during the game, exercise extreme caution – the road passes through an ingame zone.

3. Accommodation in the hut

Upon arrival, players who have a confirmed hut reservation are to address The Fog LARP personnel for check in in the Hut.

4. Camps

Offgame tents are only to be set in the offgame zone.

Ingame tents can be set anywhere in the areas shown as ingame camps on the map below. The camp building process will be governed by Camp Trustees who will have the last say in any and all matters including the camp layout.

Note that the area around Webber Caravans is also a viable option BUT keep in mind this is a very busy and noisy area and you will be asked to pack your camps near to each other. If this is not an option for you, choose one of the other options or sleep in the offgame camp.

It is not allowed to set camp outside the designated areas.

5. Fire Safety

Lighting fires is allowed only inside the previously designated firepits and only between 20:00 and 06:00.

6. Check in for the game

Check in for the game will take place between 11:00 and 18:00 on 1 August (Monday). 

The check in process includes:

– weapon safety check – please bring all larp weapons you intend to use during the game

– signing of declarations;

– getting canteen currency (if applicable to you);

– ticket check and receiving meta and in game materials and objects.

7. Start of the game

The game starts at 20:00 hrs on 1 August, Monday.

8. Medical emergencies and getting lost

In case of an emergency during the game, remain calm and call +359 895 471 787 or 359 895 231 661. 24-hour help will also be available at Emergency Rescue Plovdiv’s tent in the Offzone.

Hence carrying a mobile phone on you at all times is highly advisable because of at least two reasons:

There is cell phone coverage practically everywhere in the play area and calling help is always possible.

If you are lost and in dire need of directions, you can visit https://kade.si  After ticking the “Position” box, your exact location will be shown on a convenient off-road map.

9. Meeting with the GMs

After the game starts a GM will be available for questions and complaints in front of the canteen every morning between 09:00 and 09:40. Please do not approach them with trivial matters which are solvable without the team’s help.

10. Additional questions 

If such may arise, don’t hesitate to ask a Fog LARP gamemaster. A full list of the organizer team and their responsibilities is available ot The Fog LARP’s website. Just don’t forget there is a lot going on before and during the game so they might not be able to respond right away.