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The Portal Shrines are the main instruments for factions to communicate with the game world.
If you are attending the game as a group of 6 or more players, this mechanic will grand you access to the faction-exclusive content of the game

Individual players and groups of less than 6 people do not have Portals, but they can still join the adventures of larger groups in any way they can arrange for themselves.

Portal shrines are remnants of an ancient Imperial communication and transportation system. They transport objects from one place to another.

The Belitsa portal shrines have been uncovered by the Druids short before the Belitsa War. Ingame, they represent a system of artifacts – teleportation boxes, leading to practically all of today’s capitals, due to the fact they were important Imperial cities back in the day. The teleportation boxes are locked by ancient magical locks

But why there would be a major communication node in Belitsa? Maybe there was something important there?

Who has a Portal Mail Box (PMB)?

1. Every faction with 6+ people signed for the game has a PMB.

What is the PMB function?

2. The PMB function is META: receiving faction quests, and sending “home” resources obtained via doing quests.

PMB compartments

3. PMB inbox.

It contains envelops labeled with date and time (timestamp). Once the time on the timestamp has come, the envelope starts to “exist” in the inbox. Anyone can take an “existing” envelope from the inbox. Additional META communication from the GMs may appear in the inbox without having a timestamp. It can be taken at any time a person opening the imbox sees it.

4. PMB outbox.

Anything put in the outbox is considered instantly disappeared from the game location (it went to the corresponding capital).
It is strictly forbidden for everyone to take anything out of an outbox.
The outbox is used mainly to send home resources (e.g. money).
You can also use the outbox to write a “letter home”. The GMs will read it the next day and eventually answer ingame on behalf of “home”. You will find the eventual answer in the inbox.

5. Outboxes will be checked by GMs and their contents registered and taken away every morning at 09:00. Avoid depositing stuff and roleplaying interactions at that area about that time.

PMB locks

6. The PMBs are locked with combination padlocks.

7. The combination will be given to the faction leader at check in.

8. It is strictly forbidden to lockpick, incl. by ear, and brute-force the PMBs or the PMB padlocks.