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There’s been enough war in the world.

Respecting the peace treaty, the nations formerly allied in Task Force Griffin and The Fellowship have gathered in Belitsa to return it to Noldor. No war would take place, but a joint military exercise for those who would like to partake.

Varying in volume substance reserves have been uncovered over the passed year across the land. It would seem that a new kind of competition is arising. In a world where the substance is an indispensable, yet still scarce and unevenly distributed resource, the stage is ripe for a new kind of collision – an economic one. In this new world, the decisions of every individual would matter in determining the well-being and success of their nation, compared to others.

The substance manifested yet another devastating effect. A significant part of the population developed symptoms of an unknown disease – certainly not contagious, but very disrupting. The Alchemist Guild has been studying the issue and has arrived at some disturbing discoveries. Yet another choice would have to be made.

Listen to your consciousness. Take a stand. Make up your mind


The catastrophe caused by the fallen meteorite practically zeroed the world economy.

The population in the wide area of the impact would have been completely extinct or displaced if not for the discovery of the “Substance”.

The “Substance” is a mineral capable of neutralizing the soil poisoning caused by the meteorite. It was initially uncovered in the Noldor territory of Belitsa, which caused the 2021 Belitsa war over the deposit. Later it turned out that Substance deposits were more or less spread across the land. We never knew about them, because we never cared. Thus a constant, although insufficient, supply of Substance was ensured. This was crucial, as its neutralizing effects were temporary, and the poisoning of the soil more and more appeared to be irreversible.

Currently all nations need a certain supply on a yearly basis to be able to keep their lands  fertile and feed their population. The larger its territory – the larger the amount necessary.

As the uncovered deposits did not care about political boundaries, it turned out, as expected, that some nations had more, while others – less reserves. Furthermore, the reserves themselves did not fertilize the soil. A giant effort needed to be made every year to mine the substance, to store it, move it, distribute it and, ultimately, use it. An effort requiring huge capacity in terms of human, expert, financial and technical resources.

An effort, in which different nations would  succeed to varying degree every year.

The Substance became the pillar of international trade, foreign policy and, generally, the new world economic order.