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This page will shed some light on the topic of how the Allergy will affect gameplay and what can be done to counter its effects.

These are topics directly connected with the game’s setting, so if you’ve missed it, we recommend taking a look before you continue.

Determining which PCs have the Allergy

1. Having the Allergy is voluntary. No one will be forced to have it.

2. At check in all players are asked if they would like to blind-draw an envelope.

3. If a player is sure they do not want to have the Allergy, they must refuse the offer.

4. Drawing an envelope has 25% chance of getting the Allergy, 50% chance of getting ingame money and 25% chance of getting neither.

Roleplaying the Allergy

5. In the “allergy” envelopes there are tickets with effects a player is supposed to roleplay at certain specified hours.

6. The effects are mental effects, very similar to some magic mental effects, but quite more diverse. They are decent, easy to roleplay, and do not require the players to make idiots out of themselves (e.g., no screaming, etc.). Their duration is maximum 5 minutes.

7. Furthermore, we kindly ask players to not make fun of the effects and be respectful. Ideally, it would make you think and maybe have a better understanding about what it is to have a disorder. Optimally, you will just make some good larping.

8. The effects can be interpreted in a way that suits the player most – e.g., how noisy or silent you would be – go with roleplaying them the way that would make you feel the most comfortably. The only recommendation is that you roleplay the effect in such a way, that the people around you know that something is going on, otherwise there is no sense in going for it anyway.

9. Each allergic character will have a maximum of 15 evenly-spread effects for the entire game.

10. Characters know that they have the Allergy. Since they have been having it for a while, those close to them most probably know as well.

Uncovering the medicine recipe

11. The Alchemy Guild quest existence will be announced via a notice on the notice board at the Tavern and a publication in one of the in-game newspapers.

12. The Alchemy Guild quest has two parts: 1) finding the formula for a medicine, that removes the mental effects of the Allergy as long as it is taken on regular basis; 2) ensuring the supply of sufficient amount of the medicine.

13. The final output of the quest’s first part is an alchemy formula consisting of alchemy symbols. There is a potion recipe correspondent to it. The Alchemy Guild leaders are GMing this quest and they will take care that once the formula has been uncovered, the recipe gets public and known to the PCs. The recipe will not be kept secret.

14. Any PC can participate in the uncovering of the formula. You do NOT need to be an alchemist for that.

15. This part of the quest does not involve any walking, searching and fetching stuff from the forest. It is targeted at players who like cyphers and riddles.

16. It is expected (but not certain) that the formula will be uncovered relatively early in the game.

The supply of medicine

17. The medicine is to be prepared by an alchemist via the “normal” process of potion making.

18. One of the medicine ingredients will be a “new” one (not used in any so far existing potions). It will be available in the necessary amounts at the Alchemy Guild, but it will cost money, just as all the other ingredients. Its price will be equal to that of the other higher tier potion ingredients.

19. PCs can either buy ready medicine from the Alchemy Guild, or buy the ingredients and have a fellow alchemist to make it for them (this would be a little cheaper), or steal/take medicine/ingredients from where they can. The Alchemy Guild does not get any plot shield and is not meta-protected against stealing, robbing, takeovers, etc.

After the game

20. All PCs who had the allergy this game, are not expected to have it the next game. They will be “healed” with the future vaccine (this will happen plot-wise between the games) – and not fall in the percentage affected in a negative way (dying or loss of mental faculties). Of course, the characters do not know that ingame.