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Traditionally – for second year in a row – the Druid circle will be the center of that part of The Fog LARP usually referred to as “PvE”

The Druid circle acts as the nexus of magical energies which travel through the world laylines. Whether the druid circle shall be rebuilt and how powerful it should be will be up to the players’ actions.

1. In terms of gameplay, the Druid Circle is a safe (pacified) zone inside which combat is not possible, and which all sorts of monsters/creatures cannot  enter.

2. The Druids, lorewise, have identified three locations in the vicinity, where the boundaries between the plains are especially thin. Gameplay-wise, these locations are marked as circles, lit by led lights during the night.

3. Each circle represents a portal that can be in one of two states: 1) strengthened – creatures can traverse between plains, and 2) weakend – creatures cannot traverse between plains and the druid circle is more powerful. 

4. PCs can change the state of the portals via time calculating devices, identical to the points for the war in The Fog LARP 2021. One position (red) means the portal is strengthened and the other (green) means the portal is weakened. The final outcome is decided by summing up which position the portal has had for longer. It is done by a GM by reading the data on the devices.

5. This mechanic will be active every day between 20:00 and 24:00, starting from Tuesday 20:00 and ending on Thursday 24:00.

6. Each of the two choices has different, and ambiguous consequences. The PCs can learn details about the meaning of each of the two choices ingame.

7. Magical beings – monsters and creatures, are roaming the vicinity, and different kinds of interactions with them can be made. Beware, do not dare to harm the fragile ones – or you will incur upon yourself the wrath of both druids and GMs.

8. Also, a mysterious sword has appeared.