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The ability to instantly transport objects from one place to another.
A simple trick used daily in the great days of the Empire is now only a distant impossible dream.
Or is it?

A ritual conducted by a mysterious druid circle on an unknown location has recently lit up an ancient network of pathways. These magical lines connect box-like devices, scattered all around the known world with the 20 great cities of the Empire. Cities inhabited to this day.

Undoubtably part of the Emperor’s communicational network, each artifact has the ability to safely and instantly transport small objects from their location to a similar box beneath the target city. In addition, by means of a simple incantation, anyone in the target city can send back a similarly sized item.

At first this meant very little as the artifacts themselves are protected by anceint magical locks. However, opportunistic mages in the north were soon able to learn some of the combinations for the pathway’s magical locks.

The news of this gigantic discovery spread like fire to the four corners of the world and practically everybody adopted the new technology in their daily struggle with the aftermath of the Comet.

Now all sources indicate that Belitsa, theatre of The Fellowship and Task Force Griffin’s dramatic struggle, also has a Portal Shrine.
Undoubtably, were it to be found, it would greatly aid both parties.