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The Vaccine Dilemma is The Fog LARP 2022 In Two Minds’ main questline.

Most of the game’s content is indirectly connected to the dilemma via the prestige mechanic described below.

All players, regardless of their background and/or gameplay intentions, are encouraged to read the information below.


This is a questline about personal choice and its consequences on others, individual responsibility, meritocracy, and peer pressure. In the end it’s about democracy and how it can be twisted.

The Vaccine Dilemma questline involves a simple voting mechanic, where every single player can have a small or a big say in a trolley-problem.

Participation in this questline (just as in all other questlines in the game) is absolutely voluntary.
Non-participation does not involve any meta consequences for the players.


1. Every player can vote on any of two pre-formulated outcomes.

2. Voting happens by throwing Prestige tokens in one of two ballot boxes.

3. Voting can happen at any time during the game (from 20.00 on Monday till 03.00 on Saturday).

4. AFTER the end of the game the tokens in each box will be counted by the GMs and the outcome will be announced in the Epilogue for the game.

5. The outcome that got the more tokens in its designated box will be the outcome that will happen in the lore.

Ballot boxes

6. The Ballot boxes will be located in a visible public place in Webber caravans.

7. The Ballot boxes do not exist in the game world. They are meta-items and cannot be subject to moving, magical and non-magical effects.

In short, players cannot interact with the boxes in any manner different from putting tokens in them.


8. The tokens and round, coin-shaped, coin-sized objects with The FOG LARP emblem on them.

9. The tokens signify the Prestige and influence that every PC has acquired through their deeds – making themselves famous, or useful to the society, or both. In other words – by doing quests.

10. Tokens are obtained by doing quests – they are part of the quest reward for every quest with the only exception of ad-hoc player-generated quests that we do not know about.

Tokens are soulbound to the person that touches them first!

11. Once picked up, tokens cannot be traded, given away, stolen or otherwise change owners. Keep this in mind when doing quests in groups – usually the prize will comprise of less tokens than there are people.


12. The Fog LARP: In two minds includes a number of tasks, quests and quest chains (e.g.: the tasks of the military exercise, the Druid circle (PvE and monster quests), the Tournament, the Oratory competition, single quests from the notice board in the Tavern, etc.).

13. Every single task gives a reward, including:

  1. Prestige tokens, used for the Dilemma questline,
  2. money, used for ingame transactions and the Economic game,
  3. rewards that are specific to the corresponding quest line (e.g., the zone unlockers for the wargame).


Solving problems in the game world increases your character’s renown and thus enables them to sway society’s opinion.

In the game this is represented by Fog LARP Prestige tokens that are received for the completion of various tasks, quests and quest chains.
The Prestige tokens can then be put in one of two metagame voting boxes, located at Webber Caravans.

Each box represents one of two possible endings – The Ender or The Bargain with Death.
The ending with more votes will become the game’s epilogue and an integral part of The Fog LARP’s lore.

It is important to keep in mind than when a quest is completed, the first person to touch the Token is its owner forever.