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This questline will span throughout the whole game. It is a chain of cooperation tasks fit for individual and faction players alike.

Penetrating the protective force fields of the Tenebran governors and officials was one of the main problems before the resistance movement. New hope arised when a scholar found a document on the history of the enemy’s land of origin. It consistently spoke of a weapon that could do that. Deliberations on whom to send to investigate took weeks. One determined man hit the table and just went. This man was Vizimir Radik.

They say he is back now, but no one has seen him.

Following this questline, the players will discover a mysterious and macabre story about death and the price of taking a life. The gameplay includes searching for clues, puzzle solving, secretly using Tenebran equipment, as well as some contemplation.

Finally, if the weapon has been successfully acquired, the characters will have to make a decision about using it. The local Governor would make a fine test subject. But should we?

This questline has trigger warnings: death, gore, confined spaces.

To witness this questline trigger, don’t miss the ingame Commemoration opening ceremony on Monday evening. Your invitations will await you in your starting kits.