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This page contains everything you need to know in order to participate in The Fog LARP’s Economic Game – a group-oriented political simulation meant only for those interested in it.

The text will eventually become a part of the Book of Lore as it is a mechanic which will be used in multiple instances of the game.

Read it carefully and don’t hesitate to contact us if any questions may arise.

In addition, a team of conflict resolution trustees lead by Lead Conflict Resolution GM Aleko Palyov is also present on the field during the game.
Contacting them beforehand is not needed.

They will however check weapons and armour during check-in and help resolve issues during the game.
In extreme cases they also have the authority to kick players out of game as means of punishment and/or deescalation.

Conflict Resolution Trustees

Tsvetomir Tsvetkov

Ivan Hristev

Kiril Vasilev

Kiril Karudov

Pavel Slavov

Nick Kargiotis

Momchil Gochev