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Reading the information below is obligatory for all faction leaders, whose factions wish to participate in the wargame.

Players (individual or faction members) who wish to participate in the Wargame are also encouraged to read the information for themselves and not wait for their leaders’ briefing.

Most of the information will be available ingame in the form of Combat Orders so printing or bringing copies of the text is not needed.


The Wargame is an ingame military exercise.
Willing characters will take part in a simulation, organized by the Headquarters of Task Force Griffin – an entirely fictional entity that exists only in the ingame universe. The occupation of Belitsa ends so this will be the Headquarters’ final operation before the Task Force is formally disbanded.

The Wargame will run for approximately 48 hours with active combat only during the day. It is not forbidden to undertake covert action during the night, but it will not be expected of you.

During the game, but prior to the Wargame’s start, the characters will need to split in two Platoons – Red Platoon and Blue Platoon. The decision on how to split is entirely up to the players.

Taking part in the Wargame is absolutely voluntary, but if your faction decides to skip it entirely it will also miss its chance to obtain ingame resources, valuable outside of the Wargame.

The GM responsible for this component of the game is Lyubomir Kashilski (guardian Vizimir Radik).


Lists of participants

1. Prior to the game, faction leaders prepare a list of players from their respective factions that will participate in the wargame.

This is necessary to ensure that the wargame is balanced and fair. People in the list are not obliged to participate all the time, but people not on the list cannot participate at any point.

It is in your interest to make a realistic list and, later on, make rotations, so that all willing can get a fair share of the action without getting too tired and missing out all other content. Clever planning of personnel rotation is a part of the exercise!

Individual players, who want to join the wargame, ought to join a faction as mercenaries prior to the game.

Submit your lists using one of the contact methods until the 25th of July.
Do not miss the deadline.

Wargame participant tokens

2. At the in-game briefing, faction representatives will receive a token for every combatant from their faction. They shall distribute the tokens among the combatants from their faction immediately upon returning from the meeting. Every combatant has to start the game with a token.

3. Every combatant who is killed during the action shall give their token to the opponent who asked for it. After that they do not care about tokens anymore.

4. Opponent tokens are soulbound to the person who took them. They cannot be taken back. A certain number of opponent tokens can be exchanged in-game for a zone Unlocker (see further).

Faction flags

5. Every faction participating in the wargame, ought to have a faction flag. It does not need to be the fancy official faction flag, just a recognizable faction flag. Faction flags will be marked with “Quest Item” stickers prior to the Wargame.

6. During the entire Wargame the faction flag shall be on a such member of the faction who is at the moment actively participating in the wargame.

7. Opponent faction flags can be taken from flag carriers/stolen etc. and returned to the barkeep in exchange for zone Unlockers (see further). A returned flag does not participate in the wargame anymore.


8. The wargame area is divided into 25 zones. Maps will be provided for each Platoon.

9. Each zone can be controlled by either Red Platoon or Blue Platoon.

10. The platoon that controls the bigger number of zones at the end of the exercise, wins the Wargame.

11. Every zone has a Point-of-interest where a flag holder on a tree is located. The flag holder consists of a red flag, a blue flag and a locking mechanism. In the beginning of the wargame all zones are neutral.

12. To control a zone, a platoon must raise the corresponding flag and lock it in place.

13. A locked flag cannot be changed except with a zone Unlocker. Brute-forcing the padlocks is forbidden.

Zone Unlockers

14. Zone Unlockers can be obtained through completing Wargame missions. They are quest rewards. There are at least 25 Unlockers in the game.

15. A zone Unlocker can only be used ONCE. You are obliged to break it – physically, for real – immediately after having used it to unlock a zone.

16. Unused zone Unlockers are NOT soulbound. They can be taken from carriers or stolen at any point. They can be hidden anywhere.

Platoon HQ. Receiving missions

17. Each Platoon – Red and Blue, have their HQs, located just outside of Webber Caravans.

18. HQs cannot be moved.

19. HQs can be raided and stuff can be stolen from there, including maps. It is the players’ responsibility to keep mass battles away from the Webber Caravans area, which is in close proximity.

20. In each HQ there is a box, where orders from Task Force Griffin HQ are received (these are the missions).

21. The box itself CANNOT be: moved/stolen/destroyed.

22. The box contains envelops with a date and hour written on them. An envelope is considered existing if the date and hour on it have come. After that point in time, it can be open, its contents read and the correspondent quest is considered active.

23. Opponent envelops which time has come, can be stolen. Envelopes which time has not come, do not exist and cannot be stolen.

Award Ceremony

24. On 04.08 at 20:00 a short ceremony will be held at Webber Caravans, where the winners will be announced by Headquarters liaison officer Vizimir Radik. Participants in the Wargame are kindly invited to come in parade clothing/full dress uniforms and take part in the ceremony.