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Did you stumble upon The Fog by accident? Don’t know what LARP is but want to?
In that case, welcome to the beautiful and exciting world of live action role-playing games!

LARP is a kind of RPG where the players physically portray their characters. No dice-throwing, no mouse clicking, just you fighting enemies of the state, wearing armour, casting spells, wiggling out of bad situations and drinking mead in the tavern.

This fascinating combination of improvised theater, costuming and semi-contact fighting has dozens of sub-genres and themes. Some games aim to accurately recreate the Middle Ages, others take players on space voyages or spy missions.

The Fog LARP, though, is about fully immersing yourself in a plausible, if somewhat dark, fantasy world. War, magic and monsters included in the package.
Check out our Game section to learn more about the features of The Fog and our How do I start? section to jump right in.

For further reading you might want to see the wikipedia article on LARP and Bulgarian speakers can check out LARP Bulgaria’s website.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about the magic called LARP.